Collected sound fragments for an imaginary landscape is a workshop for people interested in sound, with or without previous experience in the area of sound experimentation, electronic music and field recordings.
It involves theoretical discussion, presentations and collective field and studio work.

we propose to develop a sonic narrative by mapping the sounds of the location where it will be taking place.
The participants will be asked to wander through the surrounding area, listening and collecting sounds with different characteristics, gathering “memory fragments” from specific zones.
After this first moment of recording we will listen to the sounds collectively and reorganize them in order to construct a sono-cartography that will function as a reference for the development of fictional/metaphorical narratives for specific areas.
During this process we will foster group discussions regarding different techniques used to organize sound, suited to the particularities of the piece that will be developed. This narrative may take many forms, and its interpretation might be concrete or abstract and conceptual.
The results of this workshop will be presented to the public in the form of a live concert involving the participants.